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Friday, 17 February 2017 21:27


BKS Nautia, Peshawar GRADE 10

I studied in a different school until I was admitted in Baacha Khan School (BKS) Nautia in grade 6. I was so shy and timid in those days that I couldn’t even show my abilities because of lack of confidence. Every morning I woke up knowing that I had to go to school to attend the routine classes and get back home with homework. I could not imagine that a life existed beyond textbooks too. That we could learn and acquire education through different means other than sticking to just textbooks.

On the contrary, Baacha Khan School elevated my self esteem by constantly engaging me in different academic and cultural activities. Studying in this school, I realized that education cannot be confined to text only. A student learns through experiences and day to day activities. I have also realized that one does not necessarily have to be good at formal studies only rather one should seek to acquire skills in all fields.

My father who is a junior clerk in C&W and my mother, a housewife, wishes to see me flourishing and are putting in their best efforts to meet my educational needs. They are glad that Baacha Khan School has given me the opportunity to express my suppressed talents.

I have passion for painting and have participated in a number of painting competitions within the school. I have also developed love for Pashto language and poetry of Ghani Khan and Khushal Khan Khattak. Other than that, I also love sports, particularly cricket which we play in school during our free time. I have won a medal in games too and participated in all school activities.

Taking my studies side by side, I have been able to secure 1st position throughout my academic career and have acquired Brilliant Student Scholarship in BKS Nautia.

I wish to study in King’s College Canada on scholarship and serve my country as a leading figure to carry forward Baacha Khan’s mission.

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