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Mamarra Afridi

Friday, 17 February 2017 21:21

Mamarra Afridi

Ex Student Baacha Khan School (BKS) Nautia, Peshawar

It is the story of a girl born in a small town in FATA who competed on Asian level and won prizes in debate competitions held on National level.

Mamarra hails from Landikotal , a small town of FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas), where opportunities to progress are very limited and the concept of women empowerment is considered profane.

A young girl belonging to Khyber Agency who knows no limitations in moving forward has come far way because of the encouragement and support of her father. From a very tender age Mamarra was encouraged to speak in front of men in their Hujra. Despite opposing views, her father was adamant not to let the morale of his daughters get crushed due to the prejudice and intolerance of the society.

It was in Dec, 2011, when her school was blown by militants. Their aim was one; to halt the determination of girls studying in schools. They did not realize that they could damage buildings but not the morale and self esteem of girls like her.

It was a tough time for her and her fellows to cope with the destruction and melancholy inflicted upon them. They had to appear in exams under the open sky but their determination was intact.

Shortly afterwards a debate competition took place in which Mammara participated. The competition took place between 15 Branches of Baacha Khan Schools in which only top 3 contestants were selected. Mamarra was one of them. She was the only one from Landikotal who was sent to Thailand for International Debate competition in 2012.

In the debate competition her team reached quarter finals leaving behind Vietnam, China and Mangolia. It added to her accomplishment that she was the youngest debater among a pool of professionals belonging to different cadre. Mammara and her team were awarded “Best Culture in Asia” because of their presentation of Pakistani dresses, food, dances and books.

In a place where women are not allowed to step outside home, she was the only girl from FATA to reach debate competition on Asian level. The news was published by a well known English daily Express Tribune.

In her own country, Pakistan, she has been eloquently speaking on TV channels about the problems of girls in FATA and their basic rights to education.

As an ambassador of Malala Collection, she presented speech on Malala Day infront of a large number of audience which included politicians, social activists and students, in which she spoke about her right to education and the troubles she faced after her school was blown by militants but she did not withdraw and kept moving forward.

In Forward College, She delivered a speech on “Mere Shaheen k Parwaz me Kotahi hai” in which she secured 1st prize.

She also secured 1st prize in Painting Competition in 2005.

Keeping her studies the first priority, Mamarra has been the highest achiever in Baacha Khan School.

Owing to her accomplishments, she was also interviewed on Khyber news in the program named Vikhay Junay where she talked about FATA and girls’ education as well.

Mamarra aspires to be a doctor and also wants to join civil services afterwards because she is well aware of the problems of her region. She intends to bring about social transformation and put an end to the power of “Malaks” who get all the funding for the welfare of their localities.

She has infinite love for her country and language, Pashto, which she describes in these words.

Da Watan da Baacha Khan da Qurbano na dak de

Ka za hum jor nakam khpal maqam nu bekara yum

Da Nangyalay, Toryale o shereen watan de

Ka Bia hum te nasham Motmayina nu za Bekara yum

Yum Mashuka khpal da watan nu Grano taso um shai

Ka lafz Pukhto me Mayan Nakre nu za Bekara yum.


(The roots of this nation are soaked with sacrifices of Baacha Khan,

If I still cannot find my place

What good am I for?

This nation is steeped with fearlessness, heroism, and poetry.

If I still cannot find satisfaction,

What good am I for?

I am the admirer of my nation and you should be, too.

If my mother language Pashto cannot enthrall me,

What good am I for? )

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