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29th anniversary of Baacha Khan

Friday, 27 January 2017 22:53
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Baacha Khan Schools celebrated 29th anniversary of Baacha Khan

Baacha Khan Day was celebrated at all Baacha Khan Schools on 20th January 2017, with zeal and reverence. Large number of elders, women, parents and youth along with Community Education Committee (CEC) members of the school participated in the functions.

Students presented national anthem “ay zama watana”. They paid tribute to the legendry Pakhtun leader Baacha Khan in their speeches, poems and skits. They threw light on the services and struggle of Baacha Khan in their speeches.

Baacha Khan was the very first leader who organized Pakhtuns on non- violence theory against the British rulers. He struggled for Pakhtoon rights and established Azad Madrassas for their educations. Baacha Khan raised voice for women education and women rights. Students highlighted the peace and non-violence philosophy of Baacha Khan in their skits. They presented the mission of Baacha Khan in songs and Tappa.

Principals of Baacha Khan Schools and elders from the communities expressed their views about the struggle and paradigm of Baacha Khan and appreciated the efforts of Baacha Khan schools.

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