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Thursday, 11 June 2009 23:10
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Baacha Khan was a man of prophetic convictions and a great humanist. His vision transcended parochial and narrow boundaries and his actions were inspired by a noble and sublime purpose. He had a vision of existence for all - a life free of oppression, poverty and ignorance - irrespective of their identities.

For the most part of his life, Baacha Khan and his Khudai Khidmatgars companions treaded a path full of thorns in the service of humanity. Baacha Khan sacrificed his comfort and embraced sufferings of imprisonments and exiles but he did not compromise on his principles. These were the principles of non-violence, peaceful coexistence, the dignity of man, and equality of opportunities for all. His presence and influence in history would continue to inspire generations of men and women to selflessly serve humanity. The legacy of non-violence and service to humanity of Baacha Khan is a great Trust, which he has bequeathed to all of us.

The idea of formation of the Baacha Khan Trust is an organized effort to carry forward the noble cause of the service of humanity, capitalizing on the unique opportunities of knowledge and resource sharing by similar civil society groups throughout the world. Personally I feel privileged and greatly honored to be the first Patron-in-Chief of the Trust and hope that the management of the Trust would fulfill its responsibilities in meeting the expectations of the weaker sections - vulnerable and marginalized groups of the society. Finally I also hope that the Trust will work for the social, cultural and economic development of the people in Afghanistan and Pakistan in partnership with other organizations at the local and international levels.

Abdul Wali Khan
Wali Bagh
September 15, 2003






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