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10th Study Circle

Tuesday, 13 June 2017 00:01
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The 10th Study circle for Baacha Khan Fellows was held at Baacha Khan Trust Educational Foundation on June 10,2017.

The 10th study circle for Fellows was held at Baacha Khan Trust Educational Foundation on June 10,2017. The study circle was attended by almost 45 participants from Peshawar, Swat, Charsadda, Mardan, Nowshehra, Dir and Chitral. The study circle was held on "Zan Zani Khamar" by Dr Bahauddin Majrooh.

Suleiman Yousafzai, Wagma Feroz, Imad Khalil, Tahira Kaleem, Nadia Khan, Mehnaz, Hakeem Afridi and Mohib Wazir discussed various aspects of the book.

Later on an open discussion took place on the themes of the book i.e.; Self, society and civilization in detail. They agreed that "ego " is an amalgamation of all basic necessities of a human being which when exceed their limits make an individual apply force on the weaker cadre of society. This narcissism makes an individual, group of people and states devour most of the creative aspects of life. It injects the fear of death in order to deprive them of the ability to think or act. The discussion established that this narrative of fear, masculinity and hatred can only be countered with love, celebration of diversity and the notion of collective consciousness.

Dr Khadim Hussain concluded the study circle with the note that until and unless individual, nation and progressive civilization are not tied to each other, the evil of ego is going to swallow the entire region. These are the contours of the counter extremist narrative that need to be adopted by individuals, groups and states of the region.

The next study circle is decided to be on 8th of July. The text selected for the next study circle is Naveed e Fikr by Sibte Hassan.

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