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Ex Student Baacha Khan School (BKS) Nautia, Peshawar

Life is difficult in a country where one is not only denied her/his fundamental rights but the very notion of keeping hopes intact is challenged every moment on daily basis. It is in circumstances like these where noble souls are raised.

Belonging to FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas), where men are denied justice and equity, and women are considered no less than a herd of sheep, Jamaima, a student of grade 10 , is one of those determined girls who happens to defy all odds and challenges all limitations which have been set for womenfolk.

Jamaima, while talking about her past experience in BKS (Baacha Khan School) Landikotal, recalls the troubles she had to go through when her school was blown by militants back in 2011. With the building now collapsed, she and her fellows, irrespective of the circumstances decided to appear in the final exams but could not find a place. They chose a mosque for the purpose but were turned back because of severe threats. They then chose a Hujra, again they were denied the place for the same reason and eventually they had to give their exams in an open field.

They waited for one year for the school to reconstruct. Meanwhile, they took tuitions and gave double exams so that their session would not go wasted.

Talented from the beginning, her skills were kept suppressed due to menace and constant threats in her vicinity. Life took a pleasant turn when Jamaima was shifted to BKS Nautia. She started participating in Speeches and gatherings against social evils.

Jamaima has been very vocal about FCR (Frontier Crimes Regulation), a draconian law promulgated by the colonial rulers and which is still in vogue.

In a talk show on Mashriq TV, Jamaima expressed that FCR is a black law; it is a law against men too, let alone women. She said the clause of collective punishment in FCR is completely inhuman. “We have one country, we want one law” she said.

She was the only girl who participated in a gathering against FCR in Jamrud where she delivered a speech in the main bazaar highlighting the evils of FCR and pleaded for its elimination.

In another talk show named “Zaki’s lounge”, she spoke about girls’ basic rights which was highly applauded by women of the community.

She also participated in gatherings against toy weapons in Islamabad.

Taking co curricular activities side by side, Jamaima takes keen interest in sports as well. She has passion for Cricket and Baseball and has achieved a number of Prizes.

Father figure plays a huge role in Jamaima’s life. She says she could not have come this far if her father had not been so supportive and open minded. Her father, who treats his daughters none less than sons, plans on admitting his daughter to sports academy after her grade 10 exams.

Her mother too plays a significant role in her personality building. She tells her daughters never to step back or be fearful of speaking the truth for she herself does not fear losing a daughter in the right path.

Sadly, she could not continue her education in BKS Nautia because of distance between her house and School but Jamaima still considers herself a part of BKS and cannot forget the support and appreciation showered upon her by her teachers and Managing Director BKTEF, Dr. Khadim Hussain who pushed her to move forward and appreciated her immensely with each success.

Jamaima aspires to become a nuclear engineer and also wants to join politics afterwards in order to raise voice for those who have been silenced by tyranny and intimidation.

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