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Malaika Israr

Thursday, 09 February 2017 20:57

Class 7th

BKS Mathra

Malaika is a 13 year old girl who is bold, committed, and enthusiastic and knows her way around.

She studies in grade 7of Baacha Khan School Mathra,Peshawar. Her father works in a company in Saudi Arabia and her mother is a housewife. She was admitted in grade 3 at Baacha Khan School.

Malaika presented a speech on the life of Baacha Khan in BKS Nautia on the death anniversary of Baacha Khan with great vigour and fervor, and left the audience mesmerised.

While talking about her experience while studyimg at Baacha Khan School she says she found a complete difference in her previous school and BKS. She states that her previous school stressed upon rote learning only while BKS provides all opportunities to students to carry out activities. Even if some activities were conducted, only three girls were encouraged to participate over and over again and the rest of students were avoided completely.

She says her turning point in life, was the day she joined Baacha Khan School Mathra. She was encouraged to participate in all the activities conducted by the school which helped her recognize her capabilities. She mentioned particularly Miss Hina’s name who had been her class teacher in grade 3, as being the one who motivated her to participate in the activities and encouraged her to stand out. Malaika has been actively participating in speeches, moderation, announcements, tableaus and exhibitions ever since.

Furthermore, she also takes interest in acquiring skills from Baacha Khan School Craft Center. She has already learnt Ribbon work and 4 types of embroidery and is still learning.

It gives her a sense of satisfaction to realize that she is acquiring a number of skills at the same time.

“I didn’t know Baacha Khan before I was admitted in BKS Mathra. I have learnt a lot about him and his sacrifices for our generation after I joined BKS and I have utmost love and respect for him” says Malaika.

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